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PREP & PROTECT - 3 in 1 bonder

PREP & PROTECT - 3 in 1 bonder

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Introducing PREP & PROTECT - 3 in 1 Prime, Seal & Bond

Pre-Treatment Use - Prep and primes lashes, restores the moisture of the natural lashes after using cleanser, Speeds up your glue drying time and Improves bonding between the natural lashes and adhesive resulting in increased retention!

Post-Treatment Use - Seal & Bond lashes, use as last step of lash extension treatment to boost retention, remove fumes and any irritation and sensitivity, add a layer of protection to the adhesive bonds and lashes and promote natural lash health and growth. Use with ANY lash adhesive to maximise retention.

Natural Lash Use - Use on natural lashes to promote healthy, strong lashes and growth before, with or after lash extentions. 

For lash tech use and personal use inbetween infills to keep lashes protected and healthy. 

Vegan and Cruelty Free 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great product!

Amazing little solution to help prolong the wear of my lashes and retention. Goes a long way to protect lashes when I decide to wear eye make up or eyeliner, and helps prevent any getting stuck at the base of the lashes which would loosen up the adhesive over time.

ffion heath
lash serum

my eyelashes have been lasting a lot longer since using the serum. highly recommend!!

Ellie Gibson
Lash Serum

My eyelashes have been lasting so much longer since starting to use this serum, would definitely recommend!

Chloe Smith
Use on myself and clients!

Since using the serum on myself my eyelash extensions have been lasting longer and wearing down evenly so there are no huge gaps when it’s infill time. I’ve bought some to use on my own clients which has been amazing to support their retention. I would definitely recommend adding this to your eyelash routine!

Lash serum

Really easy to apply and helps lashes look great for longer. I did notice a difference in my natural lashes in between treatments they looked healthy and definitely longer.